TITLE: 004-Bernhard Langer and his wife Vikki Carol; CAPTION: The St Mellion Timeshare TPC was held at St Mellion in 1983 and 1984. These photographs are from the 1984 tournament which commenced on 7th June, it turned out to be the last in the TPC series. It was also the only win in the career of Brazilian golfer Jaime Gonzales. The winner's cheque was £16660. In 1983 it was won by Bernhard Langer who won £13330 The Tournament Players Championship was a European Tour golf tournament which was played in either England or Scotland each year from 1977 to 1984. Except in the first two years the official name took the form "[Sponsor's name] TPC". "Tournament Players Championship" was also the original name of the PGA Tour's Players Championship, which is the richest event on that tour, but in Europe the TPC tag has been applied variously to this British event and to otherwise unrelated events in Germany, the Deutsche Bank Open TPC of Europe, and in Portugal, the Portuguese Open TPC, and does not confer any particular status. Indeed, the British event had somewhat below average prize money for a European Tour event. Winners of the Tournament Players Championship included two major champions, Nick Faldo of England and Bernhard Langer of Germany. Courtesy of Wikipedia - To view full article click <a href="">Tournament Players Championship</a> For tournament statistics click here <a href="">Tournament Statistics</a>; POSTCODE: No Postcode Data; GPS: 50°28'4" N 4°16'19" W; DATE: 10/05/2005 07:34; CAMERA: No Camera Data; MODEL: No Model Data; LENS: No Lens Data; EXPOSURE: No Exposure Data; KEYWORDS: 1984 Golf Season, Bernhard Langer, St Mellion Golf Club, St Mellion Timeshare TPC, Vikki Langer; FILENAME: Golf-1984-TimeshareTPC-007