In Memory of William & Mary Hambly | The 15th century Church of St Nonna is known as the Cathedral of the Moor due to it's towering presence over Bodmin Moor | GPS: 50°36'16.589" N 4°30'46.109" W | POSTCODE: PL15 7SJ | CAMERA: Nikon | MODEL: NIKON D800 | LENS: 16 mm f/2.8 | EXPOSURE: 1/15 sec at f/19 | DATE: 29/05/2017 14:35 | KEYWORDS: Altarnun, Black and White, Church Exteriors, Churches, Gravestones, HDR, HDRx3, Mary Hambly, North Facades, Photomatix, St Nonna, William Hambly |FILENAME: Church-Altarnun-005