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Sun 17th Nov 2019 – A 5 mile circular walk to take in a short stretch of the Saints Way between St Issey and Padstow was reduced to 4.5 miles with a bit of poor map reading! So even with the power of iPhone’s GPS you can still go wrong!

We managed to get on the wrong side of the Little Petherick Creek so I’m guessing the quality of the path and surroundings would have been slightly better. As it is the creek still looked rather nice, it just shortened the walk a bit.



Ordnance Survey iPhone GPS Map of today’s walk

Walk-Cornwall-St Issey-Padstow

As you can see we lost the loop around Dennis Farm and skirting the edge of the River Camel. We use the Ordnance Survey route planner for all our walks these days…..the GPS accuracy is amazing, but you’ve obviously still got to pay attention!



Photographs taken on today’s walk were taken exclusively with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I intend to use it, along with my Nikon Coolpix A compact camera, on our upcoming holiday to Nepal at Xmas…..so this was it’s first trial run.

Lovely grassy flatlands around the edge of Little Petherick Creek
Glennis taking in the view…..there was quite a bit of seabird activity on the water
Trying out the Wide Angle Lens capability of the iPhone…..not bad
A bonus for taking that wrong turn was a spectacular view of the creek’s bridge
Now it was a trudge across muddy fields to get back to St Issey Church
Yes there was a lot of mud!
St Issey Church
St Issey Church…..Grade I listed apparently…..maybe a little too pristine though

A gorgeous sunny November day, perfect for today’s walk and great for taking photographs around St Issey Church afterwards.



Garmin Fenix 5X Activity Tracker’s walk statistics

Walk-Cornwall-St Issey-Padstow

It’s interesting, and quite comical at times, to compare the Ordnance Survey route and time predictions with the route and time we actually take. Quite often we stop to take photo’s, admire the views, get sidetracked or even get lost…..yes occasionally even GPS loses the signal and can temporarily point us in the wrong direction….so the route can look quite different and be quite a bit longer at the end of the day!



A pleasant enough walk although certainly not one of the best. The route involved quite a few muddy fields which may not be so much of a problem in the summer but perhaps better to steer clear of this one in the winter.

St Issey Church was far too manicured for our taste although possibly the photo’s I took may throw up a few nice surprises. I’ll post the link when they are uploaded to the Piktour album pages.



Diane Pe’s book Cornwall Walks To Churches

I have used this book extensively, sadly only available secondhand now, since we started walking more in Cornwall. Her book triggered the idea of my Churches project which is now the main focus of my photography. A visit to one of Cornwall’s amazing little churches at the end of a walk rounds our day off perfectly, they are not only full of photographic possibilities but also extremely peaceful and serene places to be.

Cornish Historic Churches Trust

I have only recently discovered the good work that this Trust does and have been very impressed. Cornwall has the nicest churches in the world, they are not too grand…..not often anyway, their simplicity being the reason that they are such pleasant places to be. So it is important that they remain here for a long time so future generations can enjoy them…..there is nowhere in any town or any place that has the same ambience. To find out more about this Trust and maybe support them visit their website in the Links below.



For Information about The Saints Way click here: THE SAINTS WAY

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For Information about the Cornish Historic Churches Trust click here: CHCT

For availability of Diane Pe’s book click here: CORNWALL WALKS TO CHURCHES

For more information about the iPhone 11 Pro Max click here: IPHONE 11 PRO MAX

For more information about the Ordnance Survey app click here: ORDNANCE SURVEY APP

For Information about the Garmin Activity Tracker click here: GARMIN FENIX 5X



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