Piktour-Hello World!

I set up the Piktour website around 18/04/2018 well over a year ago I have finally managed to get around to editing this first ‘Hello World’ blog post….so here goes!

I thought starting my own Photography website would be a relatively simple exercise, especially after reading how easy it was to upload from Lightroom to Turning Gate’s Backlight website software. Yes I guess it is once you get it set up but there are a huge amount of variables that need to be thought out that I had not really considered. Even now I am still not sure about the best format for the site but I have decided to get going with it and let it evolve on it’s own. Photography is a bit like that anyway…..what looks fantastic now will look tired and dated in a few years time.

The move to my own website was to get away from the restrictions of posting on Flickr and to allow me to show my images how I wanted people to see them. A sense of vanity maybe but I think I will put more thought into my own site rather than just dumping all my images on a photo sharing website…..I hope so anyway. I like things that you can customise and the Backlight software seems to offer that facility especially as I am so heavily invested in Lightroom.

I am starting with four main categories, Churches, Golf, Travel and Family…..again this I am sure will change. I perhaps see the site being dedicated to all things Cornish eventually…..my main interest being the Churches project which is just churches in Cornwall. The Golf photo’s that my business In-Line Filters sponsors are mostly taken at St Mellion Golf Club. I have some fantastic photographs to put in the Travel section so I don’t think I can keep that to Cornwall only, we will see. I am not sure what to do with all our personal Family photographs…..it seemed like a nice idea to put them on a website for all our relations to enjoy but they may be a bit out of place for the general public. They may have to stay password protected as they are now.

It has taken me a long time to decide what to put in this first blog post and being a bit of a perfectionist I will probably still not be happy with it…..a bit like my photography, I always think it could be better! Life eh?

So I hope everyone who visits the site can enjoy some if not all of my photo’s or perhaps find some inspiration to work on their own photography.

Neville Wootton

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