Piktour.....Cornish for Picture.....By a Photographer in Cornwall

I had thought about creating my own photography website in the past, then in 2015 I started work on The Churches Project outlined below, I wanted a proper platform for this project as I felt I would be doing it for a long time. Already busy running my online company www.inlinefilters.co.uk it needed to be fairly simple to implement. In 2018 I read about Backlight by Turning Gate and knew straightaway it was for me. Backlight allowed me to publish directly to my website from Lightroom which I was already heavily invested in.
For a while I had felt the need to be free from the constraints of FLICKR, where I have displayed and shared all my work up until now, and have the freedom to show and describe my photographs as I like. Piktour now gives me that freedom to display the parts of Cornwall and the Rest of the World that I love taking pictures of and that bring out the best in my photography.

I started this project in April 2015 to take more black and white photographs. Originally the idea was to take pictures of Cornwall's granite landscape in areas like Zennor and Minions. After visiting Zennor Church I realised that I found Cornwall's churches and churchyards far more interesting, they not only had that gritty granite look that I like but also a human element in the dramatic gravestones with their often poignant epitaphs.
For most of the photographs I use a fisheye or ultra-wide lens and a small low level tripod. This gives me maximum impact in the foreground area like the gravestones and fills the frame with all the grandeur inside the churches. All the photographs are taken as HDR, then post processed in Photomatix and Lightroom on a Windows PC. HDR was something I had been toying with to great effect on our holidays to the Maldives, Burma and Vietnam. After trying it with some black and white Church photo's I was hooked! It reminded me of my early days in photography when I loved to produce punchy black and white photo's taken on Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5 400 ASA film and printed on Ilford paper in my own darkroom.
I love the smaller Norman style churches and obviously when visiting these beautiful churches we had to take a look inside. Although this was a black and white project I decided that it was not possible to do these church interiors justice without colour. The truly amazing colours that can be brought out in an HDR photo never fail to astound me. We have been in some really dull and dingy churches that are resurrected back to life with HDR.
As a result of this new mix I found that the total contrast of gritty black and white exterior photographs and the vibrant colours of the interior photographs worked amazingly well so continued the project using that theme.
I would like to thank Diane Pe for her invaluable book Cornwall Walks to Churches. We like to combine church photography with a walk in the surrounding area and we have found some wonderful walks thanks to Diane's book. An added bonus is that you can generally find a parking space near a church and there is usually a pub or cafe nearby to grab something to eat or drink. Makes for a perfect day out!
Also thanks to Wikipedia and Britain Express for providing further information on the Churches in this Project.

Up until now all my photography has been displayed and shared on FLICKR, they will remain there untit I get Piktour exactly as I want it.

I have a presence on Facebook but I'm not really sure why! I keep thinking that one day I'll finally get it.....so until then I stick with it.

Ditto the above!

Photography & Equipment is sponsored by: www.inlinefilters.co.uk
Inline Filters are UK's leading Filter Specialists, selling online to the heavy duty Plant, Agricultural, Commercial Vehicle and Marine Industries.
They sponsor all the photography at St Mellion Golf Club. This involves taking photographs at all the yearly Golfing events like Club Championships, Presentation Nights, Captain's Days and taking the Mens Captain & Lady Captain portraits.
They also sponsor Golf Professional Sammie Giles a hugely talented Lady Golfer who for many years dominated the Ladies Golf Section at St Mellion Golf Club. Sammie is trying to make it in the tough world of Professional Golf and currently plays on the LET Access Tour.

I take photographs purely as a hobby or to sponsor others these days so am happy to share them with anyone who enjoys them or has a use for them. If you do use them an accreditation would be nice and if you benefit from them financially a donation to the charity Sightsavers would be really nice.

Our favourite charity Sightsavers are preventing avoidable blindness in some of the poorest parts of the world by treating conditions such as cataracts and fighting to eliminate debilitating neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma and river blindness.
Our eyes are the window to the world.....anyone who is a photographer knows that, but for those not fortunate enough to have that facility life can be extremely difficult. Even a small donation to this massively worthwhile charity can make such a huge difference to people's lives.

Neville Wootton
Founder & Owner of Piktour

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